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Great Western Community Concerts


We hope this group will be part of the next Great Western Community Concert Series

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The Highwaymen Live

Perhaps the greatest country music super group in history, the Highwaymen traveled the world performing country music to millions of fans. Your audience will watch in amazement as each song, one hit after another is sung just as if they were seeing the original band perform. This 90 minute country music tribute show is full of upbeat, honky-tonk hits like Ring of Fire, Dukes of Hazard, and On the Road Again.
Relive the glory days when country music was made by Good Men, Country Men, The Highwaymen.

"What great performers. We were really surprised how well they performed and looked like the real thing. Spine-tingling to say the least. Hope to see them again. All in all a very entertaining show!"
Harrison from Chicago, IL

"We think we have seen as good a show as Nashville has to offer. I don't know where you "dug" Waylon up, but I'm sure it was him in the flesh that we saw at the show. We could not believe it. Willie and Johnny Cash were also great! These guys are truly a remarkable act and should definitely be on the big stage. Just great!"
Gordon and Jennifer from Nashville, TN

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Artist Website: WILLIE, WAYLON AND JOHNNY CASH as The Highwaymen

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With Special Guests Hank And Claire

Hank and Claire