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Great Western Community Concerts


Part of the 2013-2014 Great Western Community Concert Series

Check back for the new dates and locations

With Special Guests:
Hank And Claire


Hank And Claire

Stories – yours, mine, ours – sung in harmony. They’ll touch you in your funny bone or heart. We draw from traditional and contemporary material, and add a few originals. Enjoy sweet harmonies, a bit of sentiment, some fun, and a big dose of heart? You'll love Hank and Claire.

Pacific Northwest duo Hank Payne and Claire Favro offer close harmonies and vibrant intensity in their acoustic renditions of a wide range of songs. Their combined repertoire includes original songs, traditional folk, and tunes from contemporary singer/songwriters. Each has a long and varied musical background, with involvement in professional gigs and community music-making since the coffee house days of the 1960’s.

Hank and Claire have entered the folk scene with a splash, pleasing audiences in gigs that showcase the blending of not just their voices and instruments, but their obvious personal connection which adds a delightful robustness and maturity that is truly wonderful.

Together since 2009, Hank and Claire make their home near Seattle in Poulsbo, WA.

&qpot;Have to say, when I saw and heard Hank Payne recently, I was captivated by his performance with Claire Favro. This duo with his life and music partner, Claire, was tight, clear, direct...they mix original folk with folk singer-songwriters into a warm, upbeat, and focused show. They knocked our socks off."

--Chris Lunn, founder of Victory Music

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You Done Me Wrong


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Hank And Claire