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Great Western Community Concert Programs

Specific Concert Dates and artists include are under revision
Please check back for new dates and locations. Artists for the remainder of the 2013-2014 season will include:

The Temple Brothers "Play Everly" with The Whateverly Brothers
Jay Siegel & The Tokens with The Uptown 4
The Highwaymen Live "Willie, Waylon & Johnny Cash as The Highwaymen" with Hank and Claire

Earlier concerts in this season's program

September 7 & 8 - Ricky Nelson Remembered featuring Matthew & Gunnar Nelson with Cabin Fever NW
March 1 & 2 - Darrell Cole "The Music Of Nat King Cole" with Dee Smith For updates, sign up for notification under the NotifyMe link on this page

Artists to be presented can be viewed here along with sample music from each group to be featured: