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Great Western Community Concerts

Ricky Nelson Remembered
Starring Matthew & Gunnar Nelson

Part of the 2013-2014 Great Western Community Concert Series

7:00 PM Saturday September 7th
at the Kentlake Performing Arts Center
Kentlake High School in Kent/Covington, WA
2:00 PM Sunday September 8th
at the IKEA Performing Arts Center
Renton High School in Renton, WA

With Special Guests Cabin Fever NW
"Smooth like a ribbon of taffy, sexy like summer rain and down-home dirty like a homestead porch, worn in just right." -Deborah Lutz, recording artist


Cabin Fever NW


“Cabin Fever NW”

If you believe in magic, people may think you’re crazy. They might roll their eyes or excuse themselves from the table as fast as they can. But our definition of magic doesn’t include wands or incantations…it is simply that mystifying thing that happens if you’re really lucky. Music, friendship, and love are all magical experiences. And when these three things all come together in one place, we call it Cabin Fever NW.

"Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous." -Tom May, River City Folk (NPR)

"Imagine Simon and Garfunkel singing with the Carter Family’s devotion." -The Alternate Root .com

Artist Website: Cabin Fever NW
Like a lullaby, a love song, a comfort and strength all at once.

Note: These specific pieces may or may not be part of the concert program